California Greg Giard

Greg Giard – California

Lied about almost everything about who he was. Said he was born in Texas, but he was born in Redlands, CA; said his dad was dead, but his dad is still alive; lied about being a firefighter and UFC fighter, lied about having houses and many experiences based on his lies of career, etc. Complete sociopath and conman. Currently resides in Riverside, CA. He may or may not have a job within the construction industry. Blond, blue eyes, 6’1″, 30 or 31 years old, has a gap between front teeth & scars on face near his right eye. Likes classic and hot rod cars, smokes Camel cigarettes and has many tattoos all over arms and legs and body. His immediate family including his father, mother, and brothers don’t even speak to him anymore claiming him to be “full of s***” He is very charismatic & believable & has extensive knowledge to support his lies of being a firefighter, etc & can easily manipulate people. Be very aware!!