California Gracie Montes

Gracie Montes — Fresno, California

This is Graciela Montes aka Gracie of Fresno she is a single mother and a homewrecker. She is having a affair with a married man and she has no shame that anyone knows. She pursued a relationship with this man knowing he was married. She friend him on fb and begin an emotional affair with him. The emotional affair lead to physical affair and from there on Grace has been very active in the couple’s life. She plays the silent partner and play the innocent victim. His wife has a early stage of cervical cancer due to Contracting the drd virus (drd) from grace. The wife has been in and out of the hospital since may 2018. The family has asked for some time to work out their affairs since they have small children. Grace has stalk the couple with about 17 different numbers and still counting, 3 different emails, and a ton of IG accounts to harass the couple. Grace has no remorse for her actions and she will do whatever it takes to get this man to leave his wife. She has been told that the family is struggling and the children is being effected. She made it very clear she was not backing up and she will do whatever it takes. I hope someone pass this message to her cause it’s not cool. She’s vicious, vindictive, total of manipulator, and emotionally abused. She manipulate things in her favor and she continue to play the innocent victim while secretly contacting the wife. She will say and do anything to convince anyone she is good woman and he deserves to be with her. Since she has no shame this is the perfect site for her to be on so the world can get to know her. I have no remorse for people like her and it’s time she gets a taste of her own medicine.