Cheaters gotta get me some more

gotta get me some more – Georgia

James has cheated on both his ex. Wife’s . He had a girl before divorce was over. Then the ladies started lining up , old high school GF who’s still married , a friend he and one of his ex’s knew , his cousin who is also married , co worker whose still married , he’s been with teenage girls that are his daughters friends. He’s done drugs with his son-in-law, love to drink jack , he has exposed his 10 yr old daughter with these women, also to a takes her into a bad environment were the ladies , tats , drinking and pills all happen or he comes up with a excuse that’s not real , but he believes it. He can cheat on you but you best not be thinking about it. He also has a temper that’s worse when he drinks ? When he was with myself and all the other women he never brought his phone in so that would explain where or who he was with the whole days of sat an sun. He has two right now that I’m aware of , he likes women no matter the age , drinks , pops pill , generous to