Cheaters Glenda Mitchell

Glenda Mitchell — Dallas, Georgia

Glenda Mitchell lied to her husband and had an affair with mine. She told her husband that that she was going on a trip to South Carolina to see her sister, but I found out that she met my husband at a hotel and they had sex. This happened several times, according to my husband. The only reason that I found out is because my husband ended up feeling guilty and confessing everything to me. He is just as bad as her, and I have separated from him because of this. Details that he included in his confession to me were that she is a lawyer. He was in a car accident about six month ago, and the person who hit him refused to pay for the doctor bills. He saw a billboard with Glenda’s name and number on it and called for a consultation. He said that she was flirtatious with him and asked to meet and talk over dinner that night, which he did. I guess one thing led to another after this. My husband is a pig, and I have also listed him in this site. I am only writing this to warn other women about Glenda, and my husband for that matter. My advice to see another lawyer because it’s not worth it!