Alaska Glen Kerr

Glen Kerr – Alaska

Glenn Kerr masquerades as a born-again Christian and that “crazy guy Glen” who lives in a cabin in Trapper Creek, Alaska-but don’t be fooled. He will jump in the sack with you so fast you won’t know what happened. And I mean that quite literally, you won’t know what happened, because he has ED. There’s nothing there. He will ruin your life and not give it a second thought. That “crazy-guy” persona that you think is funny…it’s really not so funny when you realize it’s not an act. Yes, he lies about his mental illness not being real. He has several mental illnesses and prides himself on refusing to take his medication. Glen is a very weak man. He is stuck in his childhood and will never grow up. He cries during scary movies because “He was abused as a child.” He has a blueprint to a cabin he will never build, because he pisses away every cent he makes and that’s the way he likes it. He likes to live in filth, his cabin is disgusting. He gossips about his friends and family all day long. He is particularly bitter with his brother Bob, who appearently took a house from him-and no such thing happened at all. The sister he owns land with? He plans to sell to the neghbor and cut her out of the sale so she sees no money. His brother Jim & his wife? Miserable Liberals! His cousins? All drunks and losers, according to him. He judges EVERYONE. Yes, even the cousin he stay with in Anchorage for free, the one who has chosen a sex offender for a husband so her daughter has to grow up in a foster home. Yes Tammy, I know everything! Glen bites the hand that feeds him! He’s a spoiled, 62 year old child. Glen Kerr accuses every woman he is with of cheating because he claims his first wife cheated on him. See, because she cheated, EVERY woman cheats. If you date Glen, he will try to control every aspect of your life. He will choose his 32 year old son over you when his son throws a fit that he’s spending too much time with you. His son, Joshua Kerr, is one of the biggest losers I ever laid eyes on and he likes to get drunk and beat on his girlfriends. Ladies, stay the hell away from Glen and his horrible son. You’re dating and need some time to yourself? Forget it. Glen will stop by and leave espressos in your car. He will text, he will call, deliver flowers to your home, you won’t really have your space. When he is finally able to suck you in completely, that’s when he will attempt to destroy you. He will degrade you, humiliate you, slander your name, harm your children, and leave you out on the street. You’re not allowed to have your own opinions. Your own family. All of that goes away or he will ensure that you’re homeless. He is a mentally ill, weak child, who preys on the good nature of others, and then feels sorry for himself when he ruins his relationships. “Poor Glen. Everyone feel sorry for Glen.” It happens every time.