Cheaters Gladys Munguia

Gladys Munguia — Riverdale, Georgia

This woman presented herself as a single mother when she started at our company almost 2 months ago. Turns out she was actually married. She started having sex with several of the men (myself included) at our job. Most recently she had sex with a married father that works with us in a vehicle on old national highway. Like the other men at our job and me, she insisted on not using a condom. She has been at our job for 2 months max and has already ruined my life and the life of 3 other men and 1 family of the married man. Not to mention her husband. I’m sure he is Devesated. What’s worse is she has 3 kids…. what kind of example does this set for her kids? This exposition is a warning to all other men in the area that this woman is knowing infecting people.