Cheaters Gina Davis

Gina Davis — Clearwater, Florida

This mother of 2 is so desperate for a man that she can’t get her own. She chased,stalked,lied and manipulated my boyfriend of 4 years. This woman Gina Davis. Is so despicable and low down she would come into ANOTHER woman’s home to have sex with my ex. This 36 year old mother of two still lives at home with her parents and two daughters aged 10&12 because she likes to go and party and drink damn near every night. She meets him in parking lots and parks for sex in the car. She obviously has no self respect or standards and those poor innocent little girls are being shown this as an example. I found out about this going on and attempted to discuss this with her woman to woman. Of course she lied and said she had nothing to do with him, but I already had the evidence. But that’s what side whores do, they lie. It’s so disturbing that she’s setting this type of example for two beautiful little girls. I hope she gets everything that she’s got coming to her by messing with this man, and I hope he’s happy with his choice because at the end of the day they are both unfaithful pieces of garbage and deserve each other.