Cheaters Gillian Brook Morgan

Gillian Brook Morgan — Bradenton, Florida

Gillian was involved in a relationship with her coworker and boss at Publix on manatee Avenue in Bradenton. Gillian chose her boss over her family and has been seen on many occasion’s with her in public and situations as she should not be in . Gillian’s new sexual fling is indeed her direct supervisor in her story that she works . Jen Hild ruined a family. Jen groomed Gillian as her supervisor and thinks it’s ok that she can also cheat on her wife. Jen brainwashed gillian by on scheduling Gillian the work with her and constantly in contact with her over the phone and spending anytime they can without getting busted be Jen’s wife. The kids first observed the two acting like mom and dad should act because they would always hold hands and kiss. The kids so so confused do to what Gillian and Jen decided to do around them. The children’s father’s family then caught Jen in the home the family shared with Jen running out the back door and Gillian struggling to get dressed. Jen lied to her bosses for Gillian to keep her job. Jen you ruined the family and foever altered a family. Gillian has had all the opportunities in the world to fix the famy in multiple ways but she still chooses jen over her family which she chooses not to visit. The two kids she left behind have now grown apart from their mother who abandoned them but they are doing great. Gillian is a deadbeat who refuses to support or help kids in any way. She took the stroller, withheld doctors info and most of the kids stuff only to throw into a closet.