California Gigantic Skull Headed

Gigantic Skull Headed – San Diego, California

Wirkus Circus from MTVs Summer House. The show was entertaining because of Kyle Cook and some of the others however these like 7ft giant butt chin skull faced girls thought they were IT! They legit bullied everyone on the show and acted like they were super famous when the show came out. Do you guys own a mirror because you should not bully people when your awkward giants thats are seriously some of the ugliest people inside and out.. ugh thank god they got fired I was so sick of seeing Lauren’s chubby body and saggy fat filled boob be pulled out. They seriously think they are famous it’s hilarious. Anyone else like these idiots? The funny thing is they edit their Instagram pics to try and create the illusion they are skinny and have thigh gaps, big tits, and booty but they are just big boned awkward shaped saggy tit bitter Betty’s. One of them Lauren spent like 2 years chasing this guy Carl when he didn’t like her it was so bad to watch…. anyways ya here’s some pics of them.. good riddance wirkus circus get on with your boring lives