Cheaters Gergorio Garcia

Gergorio Garcia – Florida

Gergorio Garcia jr Is a convicted felon and he is looking for women to take care of him he would tell you that it’s sexual magic it’s the money stops he gets ready view there be multiple women drugs alcohol he talks have been and again his young and dumb and very arrogant. He is narcissistic sociopath he gives nothing to no one he owns nothing he lives in his mom and dads house he drives their cars He knows the right things to say and the right things to do to lower UN but once again also she’ll path narcissistic individuals always do know what to say I’m telling you ladies be careful hes very dangerous he gets high and then he blacks out and doesn’t remember what he said or done and then he said calling as women and then he’ll tell you it’s all your fault stop playing the victim just sex he sells himself for prostitution to survive he likes plain and heavy set woman with low self esteem he tells you it sexual magic and you will Be obsessed with him the lower yourself a scene to more control he has over you is very dangerous ladies the narcissistic side will never go away you can not fix him and he will end up back in prison the pot is more than he can handle … Key role destroying you