Cheaters Georgiana Radu

Georgiana Radu — Fort Walton Beach, Florida

This Romanian stripper from Fort Walton Beach loves to try and steal women’s husbands, knowing that they are married and have children. This skank slept with my husband for nearly a year and a half before he finally confessed to me. Did he stay with her…hell no! Part of the time she was sleeping with my husband I became pregnant with our 2nd PLANNED child. They still continued the affair. Then to top everything off, she decides to come into my place of business, which I was the owner of a hair salon, and has the complete audasity to become my hair client! She touched my pregnant belly, hugged me, took me to lunch, and even met my children all while knowing she was sleeping with my husband. This bitch is a real psycho with absolutley zero remorse for anything. In fact, once the affair came out and I asked her why she would hurt me like that, she never apologized even once or took any fault. She simply blamed my husband and said he should have stopped calling her. She strips for a living and is ugly as fuck. I was shocked that he at least could have found someone more attractive, but I guess she went anal on the first night sooo…says alot. She had a string of married men that all had kids during the time she slept with mine. Luckily, I had no STD’s. So watch out for this one, she thinks she’s smart. In the photo she is the 2nd blonde in from the right touching her chin. Eating dinner with all her stripper friends.