Alabama Genie Karch

Genie Karch — Phenix City, Alabama

Meet Genie (AKA Genie Red). I met Genie at church (YES… CHURCH!), but didn’t really get to know her well because she just didn’t seem like my cup of tea. I found out from a friend last year that Genie was having an affair with the friend’s husband. My friend found text messages on her husband’s phone. After confronting her husband, he ended the affair and they have since worked things out. Little did I know that right afterwards, this disgusting piece of trash would go after another married man– MY husband! Genie claims to love Jesus and live her life by our Lord, but, she constantly goes after married men! She’s married herself! I’m sure her poor husband has no idea what goes on (He’s military and rumor has it that she has cheated on him many, many times). After I found out about my husband’s affair with her, I confronted him and we’ve since divorced. I just couldn’t bring myself to be with him again after knowing he’d been with this nasty whore. She spreads her legs for any Tom, Dick, or Harry. I’ve heard that she has since moved on to yet another married man (do we sense a pattern here?). Hey, Genie…. why don’t you stick with your own husband and leave everyone else’s alone, you disgusting, trashy, uneducated, repulsive whore!!!!!!! May our good and gracious Lord have mercy on your hypocritical soul!!