California Freshta Noorie

Freshta Noorie — Long Beach, California

Oh Becky…. AKA Freshta Noorie AKA Anna I read your text and I cannot help but agree with some of the things you said. HOW FUNNY You don’t have “Time or energy” to respond to my messages? That’s cute so hilarious but you have the “time & energy” to be a home wrecker and bust up a family of four. LMAO.

We are all well aware that the man is to blame too. However, if women kept their legs and HEARTS closed to taken men and actually *RESPECTED* other women, men would be unable to cheat! Look sweetie I’ll do my best to explain things to you , but I’m all out of puppets crayons, you try so hard to make me jealous. You drove to Palm Springs in a 2006 BMW with over 100k miles on it how cute; My boyfriend flies me to a new city every week on his 10 passenger Gulfstream JET. I’m dating a FORTY FOUR year old Doctor with 3 doctoral degrees and makes 1.2 million a year versus a person who forty five and makes 20.00 hour at Costco. A man who makes aircraft payments for his private jet versus A man who can’t make his $200 Honda car payment I bought and negotiated for. A man who flies to Harvard University to work and returns back to California to put us in bed every night versus a guy who gets lost on the way home only to find himself in random beds along the way without a text or call.

My point is I definitely don’t want your BF nobody wants your BF that’s why he’s with you. Palm Springs would explain why Ethan couldn’t pick up the phone and text Lexie Happy Birthday especially when Lexie made the effort to get him a birthday gift after the almost year silent treatment from him. She invited him to watch a competition and because it fell on a Sunday he told her no because Sunday is a day Ethan spends that day with you. (HUH?) its been a year since he has seen HIS daughter.

I shouldn’t be saying this to you and I should be keeping this as a secret but I thought it would be nice if you know Ethan would rather impress a stranger and drink than be loved by his KIDS. Because of you he has nothing to return to as you dump him weekly. I can’t stand when a woman knows a man is clearly taken and she continues to throw herself at him. It shows just how desperate and pathetic she truly is! You got stolen moments, hotel rooms at trashy hotels, viagra, rushed dinners far away a few nights when I was out of town.

Your first mistake callin me a liar, Your second mistake Was involving yourself with my family and effecting my kids and encouraging and evection, your third mistake was not being honest when I came to you in August… Don’t worry if you didn’t get the copies of the text messages my plan is to post them on this website. FYI some interesting pictures could be posted to show you in all your glory while you were staying at The Current in room 260 while Ethan was away. This is a Very interesting way to expose someone who likes to sleep with taken men!

Especially for a person who is clearly seeing multiple men! Think about it with my publicist this website is going to be the biggest public shaming forum for adults in the world and your going to be a star! How Exciting for you its instant FAME and instagram likes for you. . ***So ladies becareful if you have your men loose around Long Beach, she’s known for stealing takin men. Not only did she take mine she has two more dangling and one is in a relationship.

I’ve tried to talk to her but apparently I don’t speak bark. Middle fingers up, put them hands high. Wave it in his face, tell him, boy, bye. Tell him, boy, bye, middle fingers up. I ain’t thinking ’bout you!