California Exposing Marisol Martin Gomez

Exposing Marisol Martin Gomez — Norwalk, California

It all started when my kids father ask me for a week to clear his mind. Reminder we were together for 10 years. We have two kids a 9 and a 7 year old. Little did I know he was seeing and haning out with Marisol Martin. They both met at work, he told her he was having issues with me. We werent communicating or connecting. He put his family on the side to go out with her and have sex with her. He took her around my kids without my knowledge. He brought her to the house we share and have sex with her in the same bed we share. My stuff was still at the house and she didnt even question him about my things. If she did this with my ex she would do it with anyone in that company.