Alaska Evonne Johnson

Evonne Johnson — Fairbanks, Alaska

This is the wh*re of Fairbanks, Alaska Evonne Johnson. Ladies grab your husbands and beware. She works at Fairbanks Montessori School providing small children with an education while using recreational drugs. She has a thing for married men with children. Evonne was preying on a married man while him and his wife were separated going through a rough patch. As soon as he told her he was separated she should’ve turned and went the other way. Last I checked in the eyes of the law and the Lord separated is still married. To be a teacher she seems to lack not only morales and self respect, but also common sense. Evonne was confronted, but of course she denied everything even though the husband already confessed once they reconciled. Why engage in something inappropriate if you’re not going to put on your big girl panties and admit to your mistakes. His wife had a one way adult conversation with her about self respect values and making better life decisions as a woman. Clearly she didn’t let any of that sink in. She disappeared for a while, but now she is back in the picture only this time she’s obsessive. She should feel like some sort of trash if he only hits her up when he is having problems at home. Then once things are back on track he places her back on the shelf. Disposable not to mention manipulating her to think they could ever be something just so she can give him money. He has said, “She isn’t even my type and it could never be anything more only less.” “I could never marry or be with a sidehoe.” “I would always have to wonder if she is messing with a married man because she was with me.” You don’t get rewarded for being somebody’s sidehoe.” His words ladies. She says she has a boyfriend which is even worse. So not only is Evonne running around after a married man but she is running after a married man while she has a boyfriend named David. I feel sorry for him that he doesn’t know that he is wasting his time and that he could never turn a hoe into a housewife. Once a hoe always a hoe David. Hopefully this reaches him. In no way shape form or fashion is the husband innocent. He is still in hot water because he played a part. In the end he is a man, a father, a husband. Human and we all make mistakes, but it takes a real man to admit to his mistakes and right his wrongs. He knew what needed to be done in order to fix his marriage and keep his family together and that was to alleviate any and all distractions. He didn’t care about cutting off communication with Evonne because she was nobody to him. She has called 122 times according to AT&T. Obsessed isn’t appropriate let’s go with STALKER. She’s even told his wife that she’s not the only one she should be worried about. I don’t know about anyone else’s opinion, but that sounds to me like she is trying to persuade the wife to leave her husband which is wasted time because they’ve reconciled and are building their trust and marriage daily. Ladies here is some free game if you ever decide to be somebody’s mistress don’t ever think you can take someone’s place. Never persuade the wife to leave her husband and never try and make the husband leave his home. If what they have is real you can’t break them up. You’ll be the one looking foolish while being alone in the end just like Evonne Johnson. You can’t compete with who you don’t compare. The wife will be taking different legal approaches to get this home wrecker Evonne to re-evaluate her existence and purpose on earth. I’m pretty sure it’s not to be a stupid hoe running behind a married man either. This is only THE BEGINNING..