Arizona Esther Dalle

Esther Dalle – Arizona

They work together at Giant Tiger, he was a super hero in our lives, he had a family of 4 women, all their hero, this bimbo who was as young as the marriage was old turned him into a complete a******, treats his children like they are garbage, treated his wife who dedicated her entire being to her family worse than garbage. Betrayed his whole life and his loving family so he could be with this bimbo. One of his daughters became a victim of human trafficking…… do you think he cared???? He’s all about how he looks to other people, he enjoys it when you call him a bad a**. He’s a little man with little man syndrome. A liar, a cheater and a thief. He keeps older men with no family very close to him, just in case they decide to put him in his will, and make no mistake, he is manipulative and can talk you out of just about anything, or into anything, not a nice person, yet if you don’t know the real Joe Doy-Yat and chances are you never will, the real Joe Doy-Yat is an opportunist and will take advantage of anyone, I mean anyone. Once he’s taken what he needs or wants, he’ll be on to the next to see what he can take there, an evil little man, so be very careful, he appears to be a sugar Daddy, so I feel so sorry for anyone who gets involved with him. He will smother you with love and affection and once he knows he has you, he will treat you like s*** and take advantage in every way possible. Please guard your self. And Esther Dalle, well, I don’t know her and I don’t want to, but she’s no better than he, because when confronted all she could say was I don’t want an affair, so that’s why he left…… he didn’t stay though, I think she seen his true colors, but he ended up shacked up with a 25 year old, she didn’t stay either, he ended up treating her like s***, you appear to be first in line, but then once he’s first in your life, you become 10th or 15th in his. The man is damaged, and he will damage you.