California Estee Lewis

Estee Lewis — Redding, California

Caught this manly skank in a hotel room with my husband a couple of weeks before Christmas. As she cowered in the corner of the room n told me all about how she met him on Craig’s list, didn’t know he was married.. blah blah blah. I filed for divorce and then my loser ex tells me she’s a lawyer and they are going to fight to take my kids from me. Let it be noted we have 6 kids together, married for 16 years. I find out that this slut hates kids, has none, wants none, blocked our kids on Facebook because they messaged her telling her what a homewrecker she is, and then she personally escorted my husband to get a vasectomy. 3 of my kids were forced to urinate themselves because she was hiding in their dad’s house and they were refused use of the bathroom because God forbid one of them tells her she’s a fugly troll. So I wrote a letter to her employer Barr & Mudford n give them the facts about her unethical behavior. They turn around n tell me I am in the wrong, no one at her work should know that she’s a homewrecker and I am somehow violating HER rights, and that they see nothing unethical or immoral about her conduct. Then they threaten to SUE ME for telling the truth about the kind of piece of crap she is. I uncover all kinds of secret dating profiles and emails to more Craig’s list whores n print them out and mail them to her with a note telling her I’m doing he’d a favor n showing her stupid ass he’s already cheating on her too and AGAIN Barr n Mudford call me and THREATEN me with the police and a lawsuit if I contact her again. Unbelievably pathetic.