Cheaters Esmerelda Dancer

Esmerelda Dancer — Manchester, England

Amy Cumston was her Facebook profile for a while, so I’m not sure if this is her real name or not as it is what she goes by online but this is what I do know. Out of the blue this weirdo started sending my boyfriend videos asking him if he liked the ones with baby oil on her body or without and that she was so shocked that men posted sexual comments on her wall and could he help her figure that out. What. The. Actual. Hell. He wasn’t in a good place so he went along chatting with her. She began copiously uploading videos to get his attention even after he saw the error of his ways. After he cut it off with her she began trying to get his attention through having other people post the videos for her where he could see them and then for no reason she began trying to hurl insults at me via social media. He was mortified that what started as making fun of this weird girl turned into an online stalker situation. Thanks, dude. In these videos she is dancing in her room that looks like somebody’s grandma decorated it complete with floral wallpaper circa 1959 in front of a cat box and cat bed. She does these spastic, bizarre gyrations and some odd version of air humping and what looks like a cat throwing up a hair ball. She claims she is a self taught belly dancer and it doesn’t look like any belly dance I have ever seen thank God. She often posts videos of herself dancing in masks saying that it is “mystical” or some crazy magical weirdness but she looks like something out of a Saturday Night Live comedy skit. The best part is she is in her 20s and thinks she is God’s gift to men but apparently men her age won’t have anything to do with her so she has this group of perverted youtube followers in their 50s and 60s that she caters to so she can get attention. She told him she thinks she is a reincarnated priestess or some kooky business and she has more wisdom than other women her age, which she thinks are trashy and emasculating because they want things like basic human rights. She is anti-feminist and is pretty sure she is magical. She also told him that she can’t leave the house because she is too anxious, that when she does leave people stare at her and she is convinced it is because all the men desire her and the women are jealous. She is in her mid to late twenties and has no job and lives at home with her mom and apparently her dad is gone. Somebody may have serious daddy issues. I couldn’t tell for sure but it looked like she had created fake YouTube and Facebook accounts that she used to comment flattering stuff on her own videos and pictures. I think he also said she is a cutter but I’m not for sure about that. Whatever it is, this chick is BAT SHIT CRAZY. I am sure men aren’t staring at her because they want her and women aren’t staring because they’re jealous it’s probably because she is weird as hell and is probably muttering to herself about Egyptian priestesses or temples or something. All hail Queen Cat Box and her group of old men youtube followers. I hope she continues with the baby oil because that shit causes cancer. Rub it in sweetheart and make some more weird videos in your sad little room that you can’t leave. Keep that mask on because it is way cuter than your snaggle tooth face with your mustache and puffy eyes that I’m guessing were up all night crying about how nobody loves you.