California Ernie Hernandez

Ernie Hernandez — Yucaipa, California

Hello everyone, My name is Ernesto “Ernie” Hernandez. That is my American name as I am embarrassed to be called by my birth name. I am currently 39 years old, reside in Yucaipa, Ca. and to put it lightly- I love to have AFFAIRS. I guess you could say I’m just saddened to get caught. As you all may like to know, I AM AN ADULTERER!! Which means that I enjoy cheating on my family and ex-wife (she left me). I am not a role model to my children and just so you all know, they aren’t very fond of me. Just because I HAD a wife and 3 children doesn’t mean that I can’t sleep with anyone I want-does it? I forgot to tell all of you that I am a UPS DELIVERY DRIVER- that is important for all to know. I meet women on my delivery routes and it doesn’t matter if they are married or not. Why should that matter? Yes, you could say that I am a threat to all families and I do not care who I hurt. After all, I devastated my family a few times and devastated others as well. Why would I care about yours!!! One could say I’m selfish. I prefer married women as you can tell….SMH It takes a special kind of person to deceive their families for so long-years to be exact and pretend like everything is normal. You can call it multiple personalities at a minimum. To go on trips, secret dates, heavy alcohol, secret text apps, emails and social accounts, sex wherever just to name a few of my irresistible qualities. I did what I had to in order to get laid. You could say I live life in the fast lane and you better get outta my way before you get run over…… Some of you may wonder why I work for UPS. While some of our drivers are somewhat intelligent, I on the other hand- AM NOT. I have a high school diploma and am very good at making right turns-ha ha! I can lift packages and wheel them into offices. Oh my! While I am in those offices I lay the ground work to sex your wives-Mmmmmm! I would say in a nutshell (as if you didn’t know already) marriage and family mean nothing and if a woman wants it- ” I’m here to Deliver!!” I prefer my women to call me “DF” for short. That’s my pet name and that is what I prefer to go by-FYI! My current affair is ongoing and has lasted 2 and 1/2 years to date and still ticking… You could say I love to have sex, lie, keep dark secrets, text a heck of a lot-smh…., drink ( shhh!- I love my alcohol :), lose my families home to gambling, smoke pot, text a heck of a lot(did I say that already), cheat with strippers too, just to name a few of my hobbies. Did I mention I deliver packages for UPS IN THE INLAND EMPIRE- California( REDLANDS TO BE EXACT)! I will soon be ringing a doorbell near you. Lock your doors and close the blinds. Not only do I deliver boxes but I deliver special packages too -wink,wink…. There is so much for me to say I don’t know how to sign off-SMH…. If anyone is out there, I’m ashamed to say I need help! GF- if you are listening, I miss my quickies! Any women out there ready for Ernesto Hernandez. I’m just a package away, waiting in the dark to deliver the goods……. I have two tickets to Egypt waiting to get used so we can run away together. Don’t worry I know what I am doing, you are in the hands of a true professional. To all you men out there, make sure you get yourselves checked because at the end of the day- I spare no expense on who gets infected or affected. Oh! and I forgot my 3 kids and ex-wife who despise me. What is so wrong with what I do? Isn’t it normal to live two lives and have sex with multiple women behind your backs? OH MY!-aren’t you all the weird ones….SMH! Live a little Hernandez Crew! And by the way- Go Dodgers and Go Raiders!- (please don’t judge me by my taste in teams- I just fit that “stereotype”). Anyways, there’s so much to get off my chest I’ll let you all go. I’m pulling up at my next stop and I have a chance to score a quickie…..-SMH! GOOD-BYE Y’ALL! Signed Ernesto Hernandez Ernesto(my real name) Ernie (my American name) “DF”- (my pet name) Senior UPS Delivery And Bus Driver.