Arkansas Erika Lynnsey Hawn

Erika Lynnsey Hawn — Beebe, Arkansas

Erika Lynnsey Hawn was a long time friend of my husband’s and throughout our 10 year relationship and 4 kids together, I knew he was a good man just a Lil naive when it came to women. He always said this girl was just a friend and she never did or said anything to seem interested. Sure… Well one night while up late and him asleep his messenger bings so I look and it’s her saying “wats up handsome?”. Well I played along just to prove a point that she did always like him and would not be messed up about him leaving his wife of 10 years and 2 kids just to have him. I have screenshots, I even facetime her in the dark for an hour, and within no time she sent me titty pics and vag pics that were already stored to her phone because they were all different clothes and I knew she was riding in a car at the time! Umm gross!! Well she still doesn’t know it was me she was getting hot and bothered over bahahaha!! I’ve been wanting to put her on blast without causing a scene in front of facebook friends and family lol. So here I am. She is also a repeat offender with a drug problem.