California Eric Walker Bowie MD

Eric Walker Bowie MD – Los Angeles, California

He works as a contractor for the government in Dc but he lives in Bowie, Md. He went to Morgan State and is a liar, fake, and a cheat. He lies about EVERYTHING!!! ask him what color the sky is and if you can’t see it he’ll tell you brown. He tries to get you to give him head first then eventually he will sleep with you. When he asks you to send him pics he sends them to his friends too. I found out the hard way. He is 30 yrs old and still behaving like a child. Beware he will never admit to anything and will try to flip the script on you so you feel bad for asking or bringing anything up. I have had other females contact me bc he was lying to them and they found out. He may be cute but he will ruin your life and never look back. He makes you feel special and asks for stuff or mentions he wants it to see if you’ll get it, especially Jordan and ball shorts. He uses everyone around him. Im surprised no one reported him sooner.