Alabama Eric Joseph Lowery is a womanizer

Eric Joseph Lowery is a womanizer – Alabama

this man uses women for a place to stay he has alledgidly stolen from girls he has been with, he charms them tells them his family has money and tells them he has been firefighter and millitary and bounty hunter. he was arrested last year for harrasment on his own mom.(his picture is still in the jailview for madison county). he never finished high school,much less fire college or USA. i found out he abandoned his children and wife in Dec 2013, to go out on his hooking up with as many girls as he can game. he uses the girls till he gets all he wants or they figure him out then he runs. he is still married to his wife, this can be confirmed by contacting the courthouse in madison county al., which i did. once he is figured out he goes onto the dating sites POF and craigslist to find someone else to fall victom to his charms and deceptions. he has no remorse, no feelings , and doesnt care how many lives he disrupts. proceed with caution