Arkansas Eric Coffman-the biggest loser around

Eric Coffman-the biggest loser around – Arkansas

This loser dated my best friend for almost nine months and dumped her repeatedly and we finally found out why…He had another girl on the side for EIGHT MONTHS! He also likes to lie, tell stories, and talk crap about a lot of people behind other’s backs, and did I forget to mention he posted photos of my best friend online for everyone to see since he’s so insecure about himself? The girl he’s with even said to me that they have been together for eight months and he can’t admit his cheating ways. He also likes underage girls and we are talking 11-14 yrs, can you say sick? he is almost 19 yrs old..Beware of this cheater who will just sweettalk you and tell you things you want to hear, don’t believe him. He says it to every girl he cheats with.