Cheaters Eric Alan Bonds

Eric Alan Bonds – Colorado

Eric Alan Bonds is a serial cheater. Married for 17 years, he cheated for a majority of it. He said they were seperated when we started dating. Not true. His mother and sister both lied for him to keep me from finding out. Two was not enough though, he had a wife, and we became engaged, then two months later, got himself a new girlfriend. Before I found out about all of this, the other two relationships were ended. But about 6 months after he started talking to the girlfriend again. Just before he had a brain aneurysm rupture in February of 2013. While I sat next to his hospital bed in the Neurological ICU, praying that he would fully recover from the craniotomy, he received a text message from her. Rather, I did, and all hell broke loose. I tried for 2 more years to try to make it work. I’ve given up. Even when he isn’t talking to random girls, he is a pathological liar.