Canada Emily Wasson

Emily Wasson – Sarnia, Canada

Here the deal on sweet innocent Emily; although she tries real hard to impress family and friends with her dedication to great customer service over at Kokomoe tanning, the real thing Emily is Professional for is dropping her pants for anyone who will pay. Truth is she been using the tanning salon as a cover for her explicit endeavours with her growing clientele. What better cover then a secrete salon where there s no camera s in the rooms and everything is behind a locked door? She is pleased most when she pleases you, from blowjobs to anal she will do it all in order to make you happy. And really it’s a one stop shop ; why not get that golden brown tan you’ve always wanted after getting your rocks off on her small set of tits! I say “hooray Emily” that’s making the most out of your work environment! I bet your a real TEAMPLAYER!