Canada Emily Vidal

Emily Vidal – Kingston, Canada

Emily Vidal has been posted on this site before what she was outed for the last time is that she’s a young kid trying to play big woman in a big world. You used to be able to find her on Backpage but she deleted her floozy service add once she realized every body knew she was and is a floozy don’t worry boys she’s still gargolling down d1cks for cash and drugs so if you text her or message her she’ll go to your house and show you what Emily Vidal is all about. She’s also dating a 35 or so year old creep this dude is old enough to be her father and has a kid of his own that’s even older than Emily. Daddy issues daddy issues daddy issues no wonder you catch d1cks for cash you’re insecure. All this girl does is start shit with anyone and everyone including her ex. If you’re wondering who posted you Jake and Tonia it was Emily Vidal she told me herself, she craves attention from anyone or (anything) don’t be fooled by her “pretty face” she Facetunes all her pictures and knows how to apply the layers of makeup. She’s a “self taught makeup artist” so she seems to think.. Vidal it’s time for a fresh face don’t you think? Quit changing the way you look with facetune, enough with the greasy amount of makeup you apply and go hug your father instead of straddling different men for a few extra bucks. Hopefully you’ll get the attention you’ve been crying for the past months with this post.