Australia Emily Claire Rowland

Emily Claire Rowland – Brisbane, Australia

Emily and her former partner had some troubles on new year’s eve 2018/2019, but they agreed they would work through them. They decided they would stay exclusive and faithful to one another until they arrived home in Brisbane after their holiday in Europe ended. Emily then proceeded to cheat on her former partner TWICE on his birthday! She f**ked a random Russian dude named Alex she met clubbing in Lisbon, Portugal. Emily had known him for all of two hours. She f**ked this man twice in a public hostel dorm room on her partners birthday! Also told her partner, only a week or so earlier, that the idea of having sex in a public dorm room and sharing a bed in a public hostel dorm room was “disgusting”. But that didn’t stop her from f**king Alex!

Since arriving home Emily’s former partner tried to be kind. She was even willing to forgive what she did (I have no idea why!?). But she has since refused to meet him to let him say goodbye in person and get some closure. (I don’t know how you can have any feelings left for someone after they do things far less vile than what Emily did!). Emily has also cut a hole in one of his leather Massimo Dutti jackets before posting it to him and then blaming the post office. This is utter c**p because her ex went to the post office with the jacket and the packaging and they told him the cut was too clean and precise to have happened during postage and handling and that there was no damage to the packaging consistent with such damage to the jacket.

To top it all off, Emily has now blackmailed her ex with threats of libelous and false accusations. This is to ensure he doesn’t tell people what she did! She has even roped her mother into threatening him too. Emily’s ex is too scared to expose her for what she is. She’s a petty liar and vindictive blackmailer. Because of threats and false accusations she and her mother have made to him. That is why I am exposing her in his place! The pain she has caused the person that loved her more than anything is more than she can ever know. Hearing such a man, who is usually so emotionally reserved and in control, completely break down was heartbreaking. I only wish i could take his pain away but i can’t. What I can do is let the world know who she is!

If you end up with Emily I wish you luck, because you’ll need it and feel sorry for you too. Emily lives on the south side of Brisbane, currently works in outside school hours care, and studies at QUT. Be wary!