Australia Elizna Van Der Walt

Elizna Van Der Walt – Australia

Elizna Van Genital Wart- Desperate, immoral, diseased tramp with zero self respect…Elizna Van Der Walt. Desperate little Deakin University s*** (originally from South Africa, but living in Melbourne, Australia) who wouldn’t know the first thing about decency, or morals. Spreads her filthy legs- and her Scabies/Lice/Genital warts/Chlamydia/Herpes to any man foolish enough to show her the slightest bit of attention whether he is married/single, or even an expectant Father, she’s not bothered- respect for others isn’t on her agenda. Her self esteem is obviously so low she’ll take anything she can get and turn a blind eye to the behaviour of deadbeat Dad’s, alcoholics, junkies, violent broke losers who live in soiled hovels- any c*** will do for this silly little schoolgirl who clearly can’t aim any higher.