California Elena Calderon

Elena Calderon – Sacramento, California

This is Elena Calderon, she use to work for the San Bernardino Police Department until 2007 when she murdered Ricardo Jackson. As you can see in the artical I added screen shots of. She was investigated after the slaying of this man in what I found to be a disturbing bit of information, after the investigation she was removed from San Bernardino and is now trolling the streets of Citrus Heights where she is up to her no good ways. She stalks and flirts with known men in Citrus Heights Ca and does nothing but tell lies about any and everything. She fabricates Cases and will have informants attack people and she will see that you get falsly arested if you deny her advances. This Killer Cop is bad news and no good. You will definitely need to have a camera rolling on you at all times if you cross paths with this evil b1tch or you may end up killed or in jail fighting charges she just made up for the hell of it. I believe shes that mental that she has fun doing that kind if sh1t to innocent people. Be Ware of this B1tch shes nothing short of a (Play Misty For Me) psychopath. Shes a troller with a gun.