California Eisha Ocampo Corona

Eisha Ocampo Corona — Indio, California

Eisha Ocampo Corona is a Deputy Sheriff in Riverside County, California and currently works at the Couthouse in Indio, California and resides in La Quinta, California. She herself is a newlywed and is married to a fellow police officer (might I add she convinced her current husband to relocate his life from his hometown 8 hours away to be with her before cheating on him and devastating his life after just 5 months of marriage). After just 2 weeks of my husband being transferred to her place of employment she began first to flirt with him (telling him he had gorgeous eyes and couldn’t help but he drawn to him) and text him constantly at all hours of the day and night, knowing that he was a married man of 12 years and a father of 6 and 11 years older than her. Since her husband worked a graveyard shift she was free to sneak out in the middle of the night to pick my husband up and drive him to descreet locations where they did God knows what in her car. She continued to use on-the-clock time while being payed by the Sheriffs department to stand around on her phone in a court room and send my husband photos of herself and love songs for him to listen to. She told him how she wished they could abandon their lives and marriages to drive off together on a road trip. She told him that she LOVES HIM (after only 2 weeks) and wishes they could be together. She also told him she loves him in Spanish and I found on the history of my husbands phone where he used google translator to figure out what she was saying. She preyed on him as her superior officer in order to climb the ladder and further career. After I found her phone number a million times on my phone records, I texted her and threatened to reveal the affair to her husband if she didn’t leave my husband alone and after doing so she actually faked a pregnancy with her current husband in order to try and manipulate me into feeling bad for her and not exposing the homewrecker she is. Everyone should know the person and type of dirty cop Eisha Ocampo Corona is. If your husband works in Riverside County you should watch out for this person and make sure your spouse stays far away from her because I’m certain she will do this to someone else’s family, since she’s a cop she feels that she is somehow exempt from the consequences of her actions.