EDWIN LACOSTE – California

EDWIN is the biggest manipulator, liar and cheater I have ever come to know. He managed to juggle four women for a little over one year until he finally got caught. That is when the real lying began for him. In July 2014 he began dating my best friend. She is absolutely gorgeous and he was way way way out of her league (the funny part). She hung in there because he had a fun personality. A few months later while he was now involved with his soon to be fiancé, he began messaging me and one of our other friends asking us to sneak in his room and “attack him.” He would ask us if we wanted to “swallow his kids.” Wait for it…for the entire time that he was dating his current fiancé he was engaging in his sick narcissistic behavior with the three of us. He would show up,at our house unannounced and ask to come over weekly. He also had us at his boat on New Years in addition to many other days. In June (a year later) he invites the three of us to a bar to see his buddy play in a band. Only two of us were able to go and meet him. Upon arrival, he introduced them to his employee who he had also invited. He works for a company that produces automatic fire sprinklers and travels a lot … Which is how he was able to use his company credit card that evening..of course he couldn’t personally pay for his secret rendezvous. Right? So as the evening progressed, my one friend (the gorgeous one) is having a bit much to drink but things are somewhat under control. All the while, he has his hands down the other woman’s pants. Towards the end of the evening he said that the company paid for a gorgeous suite at the Marriott and asked the girls to join him. Once at the Marriott, sober one goes downstairs while the cheater has his way with the drunk one. After a few hours they leave. The next day he texts and asks if she remembered what happened in the hotel room. Obviously she didnt remember much if anything but what person takes advantage of someone while they are so intoxicated that they have to ask? Over the next several,days he continues his texting and calling asking about the next rendezvous. We still do not have any idea about the fiancé or his secret texts with each friend. A week later we get a call from a mutual friend that our Edwin is engaged. What a shock. Of course we call him out on it and he knows he’s caught.