California Dr. Amie Harwick

Sloppy And Thick Dr. Amie Harwick!

Dr Amie Harwickwas lately involved to Drew Carey (gross). I assume its outstanding that at 37 years of ages she has actually taken care of to fool herself a star sugar dad (thats mosting likely to finish well) and has actually identified how you can get a phony PhD off the web as well as flaunt it as if any person major would certainly ever before hear her … however she STILL has NO F * CKING CLUE how you can do her make-up. She is frequently specifying just how negative phony tans are and also reproaching various other females like Sarah Stage for their make-up selections. yet she paints on this revolting white mask that makes her look 50, attracts right here brows in a solitary line, and also completes her cupids bow like a young child that could not reel in the lines. Every little thing concerning you is careless Amie! Careless Dr Harwick!