California Doree (Quick) Helm

Doree (Quick) Helm — Fresno, California

This old bag 60+ years goes after any man that will give her the time of day by promising to give them blow jobs , she tried her best to have my husband leave me for her but of course he only wanted one thing from her and after doing it the one time said that was more then enough of her for him. she was horrible in bed ! must have been bad because no man says sex is bad she said that she didn’t do anything wrong because she is single,? and the reason for that is because of so many affairs during her marriage that her husband left her big ass. She works for AAA in Fresno which I can’t believe they hire people with such little morals. She also is known to be a chronic liar and believes what she says . she is a sick women that does not care that she is destroying someones life by her actions my husband is to blame as well as he made he choice too to be with her and get laid and have his ego blown up by her cheap words, Most good women would not go after a man knowing he is married and would hurt another women but this one doesn’t give it a second thought she is so selfish . she also claims to be a christian?? I think not. so ladies keep your man out of the Fresno AAA or at least away from her if you value your marriage because she sure as hell wont!