California Doree Helm

Doree Helm — Fresno, California

This 60 year old whore is one of the biggest home wreakers you will run across. She does not care if they are married or even their age, she had been known to sleep with bag boys from savemart and has had so many affairs during her own marriage her ex husband couldn’t keep count.

Her latest was my husband of 20 years, she even tried to get into bed on our wedding anniversary. She contacted my husband while we were on vacation and told him what every man wants to her and then had him go to her house where with in 5 minutes she was naked, and offering him a blow job.

Yes he is to blame also but she knew he was married when she contacted him and that alone should have meant hands off to any person with morals which she has none. She works for AAA in Fresno and so beware ladies if you send your man into that office she is not to be trusted.