California Don’t be fooled by Janell Perez

Don’t be fooled by Janell Perez – San Diego, California

I got angry when Janell Perez was messaging my husband after seeing he had expensive things.. she liked all of his solo photos, sent naughty videos , and skipped over commenting on our wedding photos. I confronted her and she blocked me, that’s another story. There’s thousands of thirsty guys, why disrespect other women ? … but now this hoe resurfaced into my best guy friends inbox. They met on a dating app and he thought she was truly interested sending naughty messages , crying about how much she loves her mom and how she wishes she can help her mom financially more .. saying she needs help with finances. Kept pushing my friend to try to Venmo her money and kept sending dirty videos. My friend offered her a good paying job after saying she only makes about 2500 working retail corporate..but she doesn’t want to actually work. She thinks she deserves to be spoiled, for what ? Last I checked San Diego was filled with sexy women with better intentions. I mean .. if you want free porn just message her on IG: {REDACTED} Just make sure that you know she won’t actually do anything for free.