Cheaters Dominika Krchnava

Dominika Krchnava — Denver, Colorado

these girls act as live-in nannies (Dominika is an au pair) by day and floozys by night. The scary part is they’ve even shared their home address with the Johns that pay them, where the children live that they care for! The one on the left is Dominika Krchnava and is an au pair from Prague. Dominika is here on a special US Visa to take care of kids, but is here to make money by having sexual encounters with older married men in both Scottsdale, Arizona and a town just outside of Denver, CO called Greenwood Village. She tries to recruit other au pairs to be floozys too. She’s become really good at being a compulsive liar to hide her double life. She nannies for a lawyer, boy is she brave to break the law like that! Her known acquaintance to the right, goes by Tyler Rain and is an floozy in the Scottsdale area. Tyler was also a nanny in Scottsdale, and was sleeping with the father of the kids she was nannying and got fired! Mom’s don’t hire these girls or for sure your husband will stray or at the least scary men that hire floozys will know where your children live. During the day while caring for kids they plan their more highly paid affairs with married, sometimes older men. They will lie, cheat and steal to get their way, and don’t care who they hurt. Lots of people here hate Trump, but these are the kind of criminals he’s trying to keep out of the country. They are dirty, dirty girls.