Arizona Doctor Kari Christianson DVM

Doctor Kari Christianson DVM – Arizona

Veterinarian Kari Christianson was seeing a friend of mine for 6 months. She not only lied and used him, but she also went to a veterinary conference out of state where she had sex with another veterinarian named Dr. Alberto Corona DVM who works in the Phoenix area. He is in the picture with her at the bar, and he will get his fame on this site shortly as well. She proceeded to blame my friend for it after the fact although he was a great man to her always supporting her and helping her. She also likes to have sex with married men. Her justification for this is, “It’s his wife/girlfriends problem.” She has had sexual relations with married men in Phoenix, Eagar, and Springerville Arizona. She currently is a veterinarian primarily in the Phoenix/Prescott area, but also is the veterinarian for the humane society in Payson. She currently lives in Paulden, AZ. (Although she may be moving back to Crystal Lake, IL to her family that she constantly talks bad about and supposedly can’t stand) Ladies, if your significant other is “friends” with her it is more than likely not strictly platonic. Let’s expose this selfish liar and cheater for all to know as she has no regard for any other relationships.