California Dianna Keovongsa

Dianna Keovongsa -San Diego, California

This is Dianna. She is the most arrogant and cocky person on social media. She thinks shes hot sh*t but she really isn’t. She cakes on her makeup and contours the hell out of her face AND uses so much filter. As you can differ between the 2 pictures she looks nothing like her filtered images. She swears she’s the hottest girl around with her constant selfies and videos. She goes to the “gym” just to post pictures to say she’s at the gym. She also takes pics at angles and captions it like “booty for days” shes also a midget who thinks she has legs for days. Last I recall she is only like 4’11 and she supposedly used to get paid to “model” more like paying no name photographers to take pics of her ugly ass. SOME PLEASE TAKE HER PHONE AND SOCIAL MEDIA AWAY!