California Diana Miranda

Diana Miranda — Lynwood, California

She befriended me while I was pregnant to get close to my husband. Weeks after I have my baby they begin a daily sexual and emotional affair. I have my suspicions but act against them because it seemed to far fetched that something would be going on between them. During their affair, her family (husband and kids) and my family (husband and kids) spend holidays and most weekends together. All the while they are having sex everyday. I finally get the evidence I need to confront them and expose their affair to each of their families. Her mom didn’t seem surprised and only cared about not letting her son-in-law know. For the time being, they have blocked me from being able to contact him, but he will find out in due time. Be careful with this piece of trash! She will pretend to be your friend and listen to your deepest most darkest secrets and stab you right in the back! I feel much pity for her and her rotten soul. I don’t wish her any ill because I know life and karma will handle that for me. The reason for posting this is to warn other wives/girlfriends out there! She has no shame and will undoubtedly do it again!