Canada Destiny Kruger

Destiny Kruger — Grand prairie, Canada

This chick plays it off all innocent when you first meet her but yet she couldn’t be more sneakier.. We dated for almost a year, she hung out with guys she fuked during an argument while we were “together”. I helped pay this chicks bills and take care of her kid for almost a year.. She’d meet up with married couples from POF and fuk them, she’s fuked everyone of her friends.. Literally, this is all coming straight from her.. I ain’t lying! This chick is a skank and if I didn’t already have feelings for her when I started to see this shit I’d have peace out instantly.. Why I left? The b1tch made a tinder account while with me and my brother saw it and told me about it.. We broke out into a huge fight and she tried blaming my brother, saying he’s the fuking problem.. This chick is nuts with mental health issues.. I won’t break promises, I told her I wouldn’t tell the things she told me in confidence but this chick has major issues.. Stay clear!!!!