California Desiree Nicole Bustamante

Desiree Nicole Bustamante — Santa Ana, California

This is Desiree. She was my bestfriend since the day I met her. When ever she needed someone I was always there to help. She was battling depression, and lived with BPD. In high school she was very promiscuous. Her constant need for any male attention. I use to always walk her to class, tried protecting her from the wrong guys. But it never stopped her. I had never judged her, or put her down in any ways until she turned against me and was with my soon to be ex husband. They began working together over a year ago and I trusted her with my husband. She herself even told me she didn’t want to talk to him because she didn’t want people to see her friends with a married man. Weird reaction, but I ignored it. I confided in her but she always liked to judge me. It never made much sense because she caught clymidia in high school and literally f*cked guys in relationships in bushes, against trees, ever a porta potty. She began acting weird with me, defending my husband all the time. I thought it was weird, but I stopped telling her our business. Later she still knew what was going on, and would always be mad at me. I stopped talking to her and a few months later ex husband and I began process of a divorce she began questioning everything I did. I once found a bottle of Smirnoff and posted it on Snapchat within seconds I got a call with questions like “are you drinking?” “Where is your son?” As if I was doing something bad. I would never even drink in front of my son. Later I found out they had went out together a couple of times, she attempted to give him information that she thought would help him get custody of our son(didn’t work). She tries to deny it by stating he isn’t her “type” (short, chubby, with a beard) but she’s such a f*cking whore i could never believe her. Plus after turning against me like i was nothing is more than enough proof that she’s a two faced bullsh*tter.