Canada Desiree Lapratt

Desiree Lapratt — Alberta, Canada

Desiree Lapratt is the definition of Gold Digger. She is trying desperately to hook a substitute baby daddy for her 3 kids so if you work in the oil patch she will have you introduced to her kids within a month and moved in if you are willing just as fast. Married? Attached? She likes that more because she gets the monetary benefits without having to hide her other conquests. Which she tries to do but because she likes to move within friend groups she ends up being a known shared commodoty. She frequents dating aps and will hook up on the first day of chatting if she thinks there will be some money in it for her in the future. Not sure what she does with her kids but shes out at whatever party she can can go to. Plays a victim to newcomers about how badly her x’s treat her while bragging to her girlfriends about living off her support and gets kicks of putting her baby daddies through as much as she can. She has already slept her way through more than half of Cold Lake so dont take it from this just ask around.. If you are looking for a quick pass go just portray you have a little money and you are in! But I would recommend you wrap it up so you do not end up added to her baby bank roll.