California Derek “Hiro” Bradford

Derek “Hiro” Bradford – California

Derek is a serial cheater and compulsive liar. He pretends to love and care for you but that’s only until he gets what he wants, which is sex. If his gf doesn’t give him sex he will get it from whoever will with the least effort and sees nothing wrong with this. Will tell you it’s your fault for not giving him sex when he wants. He will use any and every thing you confide in him about against you. He is exploitative and a narcissist. He plays the role of the nice guy very well. Will offer to help anyone with anything, especially women. But it’s all an act to get people to trust him, making it harder for them to see the monster he really is. He smears his current gfs to everyone so when she’s had enough everyone will already think she’s crazy. He’s building his team to take his side when his gf still has no clue the horror she’s in store for. Classic gaslighting. He meets girls online and gets them to send sexual videos of themselves under the false pretenses that he cares about them and wants to meet them one day and be with them. While simultaneously telling his real life girlfriend he wants to marry her and wants no one but her. He sticks to his lies as if he actually believes them. He abuses drugs and one of his ex girlfriends filed a restraining order against him 2 years after their relationship ended. He plays the victim role to a T probably because he really does see himself as a victim. Will cry that no one cares about him and that he’s alone but he’s never alone and it’s all an act. He always has a slew of girls he’s grooming to take the role of his main source for narcissist supply. He’s also physically abusive. He hits, pushes, and chokes. And will blame you for EVERYTHING. He is a master con artist and will even come pretty close to convincing you you’re crazy, paranoid, delusional. He’ll try convincing you that YOURE the problem. Derek is dangerous and will terrorize your life. Being in a relationship with him will do nothing but traumatize you. Run!