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Denniese Portillo – Canada

Denniese Portillo, my EX since at least last year, is posting LIES in this forum trying to get her revenge after I got tired of her cheating and lying and moved on. She is posting under a fake identity the same way she has multiple fake accounts on Facebook, including one she created taking the identity of another woman to harass me and my girlfriend. She has lied about so many things it is truly embarrassing: from her saying she whored herself to get me out of jail (LIE!) to posting she has THREE KIDS in this forum when she only has two. I laugh because she wants to play herself a saint and a victim but see, she cheated on me way before I decided to leave her for good. I love my two children, but I refuse to be around Denniese Portillo because she is far from a good person. And like all cheaters and liars she can only point the finger at someone else – me, my girlfriend, and so on – she is not able to take a good look in the mirror and see herself as the conniving woman that she is and has been for years. She is even banned from the place I live in and this is precisely because her behavior is an embarrasment to me and those who know me. Being the kind of woman who only watches cheesy soap operas she actually believes this is how the world operates, and the biggest problem is that she is too immature to admit she is dead wrong. I have moved on because I cannot be with a liar and a cheater, but she cannot because she really thinks the sun rises and sets around her and she could not be more wrong. She makes false accusations and wants to harm those I love simply because she doesnt know how to love herself. She is a drunk and I have practically stopped drinking, and she is a mean and abusive drunk who threw herself at a married Indian man, another Brazilian she now calls her “boo” and I even had to go all the way to an island to find her with another man (the third one I know about). So why is she trying to act like she’s the Virgin Mary here? What is the point except to make a fool out of herself? She is the BIGGEST CHEATER in this situation, and has said so many lies I have read that I am starting to think she just lost touch with reality. I’m tired of your stupid games Denniese Portillo, with your fake Facebook profiles for “Susy Michel” and “Mel Moody/Victoria Chapman” and “Ginger Luna” and “Kareem Briceno” – by the way “Kareem” is the name of one of the men you cheated with so how is it that you think it is ok to write from a profile with that name except to continue LYING AND CHEATING? Get off your high horse already pretending to have some sense of morality or shame you DO NOT HAVE. I cannot wait to speak with your mother about all this because the time has come to expose you for the LYING CHEATING