Australia Demi Dalle-Molle

Demi Dalle-Molle — Brisbane, Australia

This lying sack of shit was once my best friend- after I did so much for her, including getting her a job- she repays me by telling my long term girlfriend (whom I had a child with) that she’s in love with her, I start getting left at home with our baby while she goes to play with her, sacrificing family time for this piece of crap. Continuing to sleep with her after my partner had moved back in to my home and we had decided to work on things. After all these years of ‘I’m a lesbian but I fuck men constantly’ she went and got herself knocked up by another unsuspecting man, and he left her, as they all eventually do. And she fucked off to Brisbane and is the sole reason I am no longer allowed to see my child- because she has her filthy claws in so deep she’s convinced my ex to cut me out of our sons life. It doesn’t seem fair she’s the reason I can’t be a mother, but she gets to have my family AND her own baby. Do not go near her. She has no boundaries. She causes chaos everywhere she goes. She’s a mess.