Canada Deanna Michelle Brown Low Down Home Wrecker

Deanna Michelle Brown Low Down Home Wrecker – Canada

Deanna Michelle Brown, dob Feb 10, 1982, who flops anywhere she can in and around Sanford, Seminole County, Florida is throw out on her butt by everyone, because she uses and takes advantage of everyone. She is constantly lying and manipulating people to help her out until they figure out what a true low-life she is and then they bail and get the hell away from her. She has a trail of tears from all the marriages she has tried to take down by sleeping around with married men, and rest of the men she is going down on are sick and tired of her milking them for money and hundreds of other favors. She becomes exhausting and annoying and makes you wish you never met her. She is one wore out ugly stinky gross woman who just doesn’t take care of herself.