Daytona Beach

Call Me Avery – Caitlyn Lykins

Caitlyn Lykins is a “transgender” “nonbinary” girl with autism who pushes her Christian, Catholic beliefs onto everyone she knows.
Hides behind anime profile pics. Demoralizes people whose lifestyles she disagrees with. Throws a fit and gets mad with anyone who “uses the wrong pronoun” or tells any joke about trans people.

She says she isn’t a girl yet romanticizes being a wife and mother with whatever sap is sorry enough to get with her.
Her current boyfriend was friends her most recent ex, and the two got together literally the day she broke up with the other guy. Hmmmm… ?
Since she has barely any friends IRL, she sticks to long distance, internet relationships.
You can find her on Facebook and Twitter, as those are the only real places she can garner the attention she so desperately craves.
Most of it is religious rants, stale memes and unflattering selfies. Occasionally there’s a well-executed jab at thots, but thots are an easy target and a low hanging fruit; where do you think we are?

Do not be fooled by her cutesy “weeb” facade, Caitlyn (or Avery, as she likes to be called) is a confused brat you shouldn’t waste your time on.

UwU deez nuts, Caitlyn.