Arizona David S. Quiroga

David S. Quiroga – Arizona

David S Quiroga is big Mexican pig and lives in Dogtown in Sahuarita, Az, how appropriate. He has an identical twin brother, Ruben, and said when they were in school and dated they would both have sex with the same girl and she never knew, one would be in the next room waiting his turn. I told him it sounded more like rape. He’s a liar, cheater, user, thief, pothead, illiterate and the list goes on. He is currently collecting disability and working on the side. He’s got a very big mouth and a very very small p****, (so maybe he is getting what he deserves) bad mouthed his wife and said she was a drunken b**** to everyone, said he didn’t love her, had stolen a family heirloom of hers, said she was so out of it that she would never miss it, an old teapot, and planned to cash it in. He said they had separate lives, separate bedrooms, and she would be gone soon, he would wait her out. He said she was having a house built in Texas where her daughter lives. She’s got all the money and they converted a trailer into a small shack which is in her name only because he said he wasn’t there to sign the the papers. He worked road construction and used work equipment to transport Indian artifacts he would steal and now has displayed around his property. The only thing this pig knows how to do well is lie. He said his best friend Dean also cheated on his wife who he’s got two small children. He asked me to marry him and even suggested adopting a child. He persued me and disrupted my life. I gave him everything, clothes, food, money, my time, my love, and I hope this pig gets all he deserves. I feel sorry for his grown kids, fortunately most live out of state. He’s got one living here who is his carbon copy, was in jail, suspended license, pothead, etc.