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David Ridley – Canada

David Philip Ridley and Oliver Newland Both married members of 5 Hartford street London private members club, meeting there to take floozys harass women or find victims for their fraud. NEWLEY ASSET MANAGEMENT LIMITED they collect funds to their personal accounts and loose vast amounts of money, just circling it around a la Bernie Seeing a minimum of 4 floozys a week and regularly taking them into the private members club 5 Hartford street, as well as offering women in attendance pay for play, though not only a sleaze bag but a cheap sleaze bag, his average payment of 300 dollars, banned from the Ivy and refused membership at Anabel’s Favorites regulars include C oralie robinson and Yulia Da and Nicoleta Bratu His paid mistress is Miss Hungary 2006 Kitti Szabo flown in from Italy once a month to for shopping, collecting 5000 a month retainer. Obviously he has a type ugly face and gym body.