California David J Lewis

David J Lewis – California

A man that was highly respected at one time. I don’t think a lot people do that now. A Man that no one ever excepted to do something like this. I guess this what they call a mid life crisis Lied about the colleague, lied to to his colleagues, family, friends. He hurt his colleagues, family and friends. He blind side his wife. Who am sure is devastated. She loved him more than life and would have done anything for him. She supported him in everything, whether she liked it or not. I personally like the woman. I don’t know how a man who always talked about his wife and children and always worried about them especially is his wife. How could be such a hateful man and do this. I guess that’s a coward with emotional problems that just runs. He will always wonder about her and making it work. I just hope that he stays separated for awhile and think about things, get counseling and try with her. He really needs to do right by her. The other women will only fill a void. They will always wonder when he is going to do it to them.